RRBC Youth meet every Thursday during term time from 7pm until 8.30pm at Richmond Road, Pontnewydd. Young people from school years 4 to 13 are welcome to come along and it’s only £1 per week (with the first week free!) .

Bowling Trip Dec 2015

Bowling Trip

Last year began with weekly meetings attended by numbers of youngsters in the mid teens. We have looked at Chinese New Year, had visits from Mair on St. David’s Day, Cath speaking on the work of Mary’s Meals and Gail and her colleague Kate from Garnsychan Partnership telling us about re-cycling and up-cycling. We also considered the work of Christian Aid, which the young people were very much aware and concerned about with recent refugee situations across the world.

Craft sessions were held for Mother’s Day, Easter, Father’s Day and Christmas, as well as lots of food sessions, including pancakes, ice-cream session, hot dogs and chip shop supper. We have had 2 visits to Hollywood Bowl for bowling sessions.

Throughout the year sessions were held using Rock Solid material, when we considered the issues of freedom, kindness and goodness. Good conversations were had, as the youngsters were challenged and have matured over time.

The group has continued to grow throughout the year, as friends have been brought along and we regularly get numbers in the early 20’s. There are obviously challenges that come with this group and we would ask for continued prayers for all involved in it, that all continue to grow a deeper relationship with the Lord.

A big thank you to Jenny, Caroline, Dave, Simon, Jake and Kate for their help and support at weekly sessions. Also our gratitude goes to the folk on the Pastoral Team, who volunteer to visit youth sessions each week and are a big help in making the sessions a success.

God bless

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