Members and friends of Richmond Road Baptist Church agree wholeheartedly with the forward to the Baptist Union’s ‘Safe to Grow’ Booklet:

“We would, of course, prefer that we did not live in a world where child protection policies have to be implemented.  But the sad truth of the matter is that we do.  As the people of God, committed to following Jesus in our often violent and abusive world, it is our particular responsibility to create and nurture Gospel communities where children may experience the love and peace of Christ” – David Coffey

At Richmond Road Baptist Church, we have a team of three highly-experienced people who oversee Child Protection. Steve Keenan is our Designated Safeguarding Officer. Janice Keech and Maureen Derosaire are our Safeguarding Trustees. They can be contacted by leaders, children, young people or parents if there are any concerns regarding an individual’s wellbeing. If abuse of any sort is suspected, or if you believe a child to be at risk, it is the duty of every person to protect that individual.

Every volunteer working with children or young people is asked to complete an application form. From here, they are interviewed, references are contacted, and a DBS-check is carried out. We are committed to the best practice guidelines, as published by the Baptist Union of Great Britain, and a copy of our Safeguarding Policy is available on request.

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