Congratulations! You’ve found the Shepherd and the Sheep

We were hiding in all sorts of places! Our Shepherd was at Dental Nova on Commercial Street but the sheep had wondered off – one got as far as Welsh Scent on New Street and the other was in Hair Asylum on Chapel Street! Naughty sheep 🙂

The shepherds looked after their sheep to keep them safe from wolves and all sorts of wild animals. Their job was to protect them at all costs! Imagine the shepherds seeing a host of angels singing. It really was an unusual sight and they were really afraid!

There’s another passage in the Bible that talks about sheep and a shepherd. The shepherd has 100 sheep but one has got lost. The shepherd leaves the 99, who are all safe, and goes looking for the one that is lost. The shepherd keeps looking until he finds the sheep.

Jesus is often called the Good Shepherd. He takes care of us, looks after us and comes to find us when we don’t know Him.

Have a go at this fluffy sheep craft and remember you are loved!

To find the resource for this craft, please click this link:

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