Easter Trail: Ninth Egg

The Story Continues

Jesus returned to heaven, but the story does not end there. At Pentecost we remember how God sent a helper, the Holy Spirit, so that we can live for God on earth just as Jesus did.

Christians believe that the Easter story is an invitation from God to accept his love and forgiveness. Jesus took the punishment for all our sins, no mistake is too big to keep us from God anymore, all of us are invited to be his friend.

If you would like to be a friend of God, here is a simple prayer you can say today:

Dear God. Thank you for the story of Easter. I am sorry for the times in my life where I have sinned and behaved in a way that did not please you. Thank you that you sent your son Jesus to die on the cross and take the punishment for my mistakes. Today I choose to live for you and to be your friend. Amen.

Craft Activity: Ascension Mobile

Make this simple mobile using just paper, string and tape. Instructions and template can be found here.

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